Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Location Extensions into Google Adwords

Google Adwords now allows you to include Google Local information (Mapping and Address) from Google Maps right in your advert and further enhance the utility and visual appeal of your adverts. This is great news and a big advantage for all the local businesses!

According to a member of Google's AdWords team writing on their blog on July 24th: “Location extensions allow you to "extend" your AdWords campaigns by dynamically attaching your business address to your ads. This new feature will be fully available in the coming weeks, with some advertisers having access to the feature starting today.” The features have landed in Ireland now and are extending to other countries.

Local business adverts are no longer a separate entity, but are identical in form to the new local-enhanced Adwords adverts. This also helps streamline the Adwords process for advertisers.

This extension to Google Local shows that the adverts are themselves beginning to mix the media available to Google - Google have already implemented blended search where different search elements like maps, video, news are listed in search results along with the traditional website results.

This new interface is very useful for a business with multiple locations. Instead of having to set up multiple local ads, now you just have to assign extensions to all your ads and Google will show the address of the best location based on where the user is located.

Here’s the Help Center link for the new AdWords interface.

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