Sunday, May 1, 2011

Reflective window into a digital life

An Intelligent Mirror

The Cybertecture® Mirror is more than just an elegant mirror for everyday use. At the touch of a button, it comes to life right in front of your eyes. The reflective surface displays information and content through feeds that stream onto the mirror surface from the worldwide web. 

An Everyday Device
Whether seeing the Cybertecture® Mirror in a bathroom, office, lobby or lift, this mirror will deliver functions and applications that empowers the user through reflective intelligence, information and interactivity. Applications preinstalled or self designed specific to your needs can appear in the mirror including showing time, weather, transportation schedules, health, news, advertising and/or entertainment. 

Connected with the world
The Cybertecture® Mirror is connected to the internet and is a platform for applications that can link you with friends, monitor your health, update you with latest news information and collect support from digital assistants.

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